The Exiled V.2.0 (exiledv2) wrote in darkexposures,
The Exiled V.2.0


The Convergence 14 Committee would like to introduce you to our own in-house Fashionista Liasion, Eilis! Running the C14 Fashion Show with a revolutionary flair, she has a communique for you...

"DESIGNERS! If you are interested in being part of the C14 fashion show, please contact me at to receive your submission information. We want to be able to showcase your talents at Convergence 14! Contact me as soon as possible, as the deadline is 01-15-2008."

Our resident Entertainment Liasion also has a message for all aspiring DJs:

"Darlings...This is the moment you have been waiting for. This is the call for DJs for C14 Ybor! Please contact me, your ever so lovely, Offical C14 Entertainment Liaison at for submission guidelines and other info. The deadline is 01-15-2008."

So please, if you have an interest in either presenting at the fashion show at C14 or are wanting to offer your DJ services, contact the relevant ladies at your earliest convienence. Remember, you only have until 01-15-2008 to get your applications in. This and other news is able to be seen at the C14 website. Check in there to see the latest in upcoming events at Convergence 14. The C14 Committee thanks you for your attention and hopes to see you next year at Convergence 14 in Ybor City, FL!
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